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Rover Systems offers a complete line of H.264 CCTV video recorders, included in its product line up are Analog High Definition Digital Video Recorders (AHD DVR), Hybrid Digital Video (HDVR) Recorders, and Analog Digital Video Recorders (DVR), which are available in 4 channel, 8 Channel , 16 channel and a 32 channel model is available in the Analog Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Series. Our Universal Digital Video Recorders can accept camera video signals from 1080p, 720p, 960H and D1 simultaneously in one recorder. This allows our customer to move across different platforms without the need of replacing the whole system. Its P2P connection solution with easy QR Code settings give customers the convenience to connect remotely using their smartphones and tablets from anywhere & anytime. Rover Systems' X-Breed series allows the connection of IP Based Cameras simultaneously with existing Analog Cameras. Which gives customers the option to replace existing analog cameras with high definition Megapixel cameras.


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