RVN 1000


• Support Camera multi Stream for remote live view bandwidth control
• Support mobile client for iPhone / iPad / Andriod
• Supports camera multi-stream setting
• Supports camera snapshot
• Supports camera two-way audio
• Supports hard disk S.M.A.R.T test
• Panorama 360° PTZ (ImmerVision and VIVOTEK fisheye)
• Generic dewarp (fisheye)
• Web-based configuration, live viewer, playback
• Online GUI recording schedule
• Digital PTZ and multi-view
• Real-time digital output, email alert and push notification on mobile
• Up to 128 CH remote live view with multiple monitors
• Playback with 5 types of intelligent event search
• Point of Sale (POS)
• E-map with indicator
• Auto port-forwarding
• NTP server synchronization

Design Highlights

  Design Highlights  

POS Support

Enjoy direct POS transaction text overlay on both live view and playback mode. Advanced search of any text in the metadata is available. All transaction metadata is stored in SQLite format for easy business analysis.

Easy Network Configuration

If you have an UPnP enabled router, configuring port forwarding requires zero effort on your part. RVN 1000 will automatically configure port forwarding on your router for easy remote viewing and playback. No more fussing over router settings!

Full NAS Functionality

RVN 1000 is built with NAS functionality. It comes with easy, hot swappable HDD trays and full support for RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, RVN 1000 not only brings security for your premises, but also guarantees the valuable data recorded within will be safe and easily restorable.

RVN 1000 Series

Model Description
IVS NVR 2-Ch NAS-based NVR, Standalone, Linux Embedded, 2xHDD bay
IVS NVR 4-Ch, NAS-based NVR, Standalone, Linux, 2xHDD bay
IVS NVR 8-Ch NAS-based NVR, Standalone, Linux, 4xHDD bay
IVS NVR 16-Ch NAS-based NVR, Standalone, Linux, 4xHDD bay

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