Central Management System


  Centralized Server Management  
• Supports over 1,000 cameras, I/O, POS, LPR and access control devices from multiple servers
• Detailed event management and report system
• Support advanced & embedded video analytics
• Generic dewarp (fisheye)
• 4 levels of alarm priorities
• Emergency recording to central control room
• Advanced data-mining and event search tool
• Build in remote desktop tool
• Support Windows Active Directory
• Users and user groups with independent privileges
• Schedule profile (User, Event)
• Auto backup
• Two-way audio for all Mainconsole family product
• Supports camera multi-stream (with Mainconsole V5.0 or above)
  Centralized Matrix Wall  
• Unlimited Matrix Wall stations
• Display up to 64 channels per Matrix Wall monitor
• Matrix Wall control panel
• Simple drag and drop operation
• View tour and alarm tour, grid tour
• View profiles
• PTZ support
  Centralized E-Map  
• Unlimited layers
• Direct control of camera and I/O devices from all Mainconsole Family recorders
• E-Map popup window for alarm, live view and playback
• Remote video backup and export
• Instant playback and event playback
• Joystick and keyboard support

Design Highlights

  Design Highlights  

Intuitive Operation

CMS interface has been designed to be intuitive and efficient. Quickly find and access all the essential system functions that matters to you. Uncluttered interface and layout means you can spend less time micro-managing and more time on other critical issues.

Central Alarm Management

An indispensable tool in central monitoring and event managements, CMS alarm system supports a number of essential 3rd party functions and integrates them flawlessly. POS, LPR, and Access Control alarms are all supported. CMS alarm management also features a centralized interface so you can efficiently monitors all alarms under one unified system.

Centralized Backup

Managing backups no longer have to be a daunting task. Rover CMS can centrally manage all your remote backups. You can even specify back up periods and assign remote backup locations.

Design Overview

ROVER Central Management System unifies all your products under one easy, clear management console. This is the perfect solution to manage large scale installations and the ideal way to manage alarms. Easily schedule backups, edit alarms, and monitor all locations under one central interface.

License Type

Model Name Description License
IVS-CMS-BASE CMS Base license Base includes 48 cameras + 8 I/O licenses
IVS-CMS-CAM Central Management System Connection - Camera 1 license of camera
IVS-CMS-IO Central Management System Connection - I/O 1 license of I/O connection
IVS-CMS-POS Central Management System Connection - POS 1 license per register
IVS-CMS-LPR Central Management System Connection - LPR 1 license per lane
IVS-CMS-AC Central Management System Connection - Access Control 1 license per door
IVS-CMS-IVS Central Management System Connection - IVS 1 license of IVS


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