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Rover Systems' IP Cameras can be installed in both a centralized and decentralized surveillance system. Recording, video and alarm management can be done on a Central Network Video Recorder (NVR), on a Hybrid Digital Video Recorder (HVR), on its built in storage media, on a Network attached storage or a PC server. Rover Systems' Full HD IP cameras have compact design, and are easy to install, its true IP66 rated housing protects itself from harsh environments, the DWDR and a configurable BLC function helps capture clear image in strongly lit and contrasting environments, while its 3D DNR function delivers crystal clear images in low light conditions. Used with the 7000 series NVR, HVR and DVR it is virtually a Plug & Play system, its Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) Connection models will easily connect with a wireless router where laying out network cables are impractical.




HD/Full HD Resolution You never have to guess what's going on at your place - day or night - with our HD cameras . Offering improved sharpness, clarity, and larger Field of view under all light conditions, the cameras capture detailed video footage any time, all the time.
Compact Design The cameras are designed with palm-sized housing to fit any aesthetical-required locations.
DWDR functionality is incorporated to help capture clear image in strongly lit and contrasting environments, without compromising on image quality or colour accuracy.
Excellent IR Range The Rover IP cameras comes with high performing IR LEDs to deliver outstanding nighttime monitoring with a long range visibility of up to 30 meters.
True IP66 Outdoor Cameras with true IP66 rated housing protects itself from rain or dust , and suitable in rugged environment. The IP66 cameras are enclosed in scratch resistant aluminium casing which goes through a multiple-sealing process.
Easy Installation With a robust one-piece bracket, the bullet cameras bring more flexibility during installation and angle adjustment.
High Efficient Encoding, the cameras offer a higher compression efficiency of about 30% ~ 50% over conventional network cameras, thus reduces the burden of transmission and storage on the IP surveillance system.
Onboard Storage Up to 64GB SD/SDHC/SDXC card is supported to store the important data when issues occur like network disconnection.
3D DNR By taking advantage of advanced ISP (Imaging Signal Processing) technology, IP Cameras are able to deliver crystal-clear image quality in low light conditions without any 'noising' interference.
Configurable BLC It allows the camera to optimize the light levels of the specific area in an image to properly expose the object in the front of very strong back light.
Vari-focal lens Equipped with a vari-focal lens, cameras can boast easier focusing without any need for adjustment in the initial camera set-up This benefits the user by greatly reducing on both installation cost and time.
Wi-Fi with WPS connection Through WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) feature, the Wi-Fi models can realize the configuration with wireless router in an easier and securer way.

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