RV5500 Series

  • Specification
Model RV5500-50
RV5500-35 RV5510-19
Sensor Type:   Uncooled LWIR Thermal Imager,VOx Microbolometer  
Sensor Format:   320x240  
Spectral Band:   7.5 ~ 13.5μm  
Field View: 14°×11°,50mm lens 20°×15°,35mm lens 27.8°×20.9°,25mm lens
IFoV2 (Milliradians): 0.760 mrad(50mm lens) 1.086 mrad(35mm lens) 1.520mrad(25mm lens)
Range Performance:      
Object 2.3m x 2.3m: Detection approx 2.2km Detection approx 1.6km Detection approx 1.1km
man 1.8 x 0.5m: Detection approx 780m Detection approx 560m Detection approx 430m
NedT Performance:   < 85 mK at F/1.6;  
Analog Video:   8.3 Hz (PAL)  
Focus:   Factory-set at infinity focus; lens thread mount allows focus adjustment  
Electronic Zoom:    
Image Processing:   Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE)  
Mechanical Parameter: - - -
Pan Range: 360°
Tilt Range: -87° ~ 88°
Manual Pan Speed: 0 ~ 60°/sec
Manual Tilt Speed: 0 ~ 40°/sec
Preset Pan Speed: 80°/sec
Preset Tilt Speed: 60°/sec
Preset Position & Cruising Tracks: 128 presets (Max), 6 tracks
Communication: Multi-protocol, Baud rate from 2400Bps to 19200Bps for optional, RS485 control
Autopan Speed: 0.5~30°/s
Intelligent Start-up Time: 40s
Alarm input: 4
Alarm Output: 1
Power Supply: AC24V±10% 2.5A
Power: 50VA
Weight: 10Kg
Relative Humidity: 10-90%
Work Temperature: -35°C~55°C
IP Grade: IP66

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